STAMP, the new range of waterproof lamps for outdoor use, reinvents the concept of wall recessed fixtures. Indeed, the minimal 25-30 mm protrusion offers all the advantages of recessed installation, without requiring any wall cavity. The downward orientation of light (for versions with antidazzle lid, available in 3 sizes) and the possibility to regulate optical inclination, are features which identify it as a path marker. It is also available in versions with front or radiating light on 1, 2 or 4 sides. The body, characterised by an essential and minimalist line, contains a high technology and excellent lighting efficiency LED which works directly at 230V (DOB - driver on board). A dedicated spacer also enables side cable entry/ exit. If recessed installation is still required, the special formworks enable flush wall mounting of STAMP lamps, codes 5321-5331-5323 with zero protrusion.